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Humans and AI – Intelligence in Tomorrow’s Artificial World (and Environment)

AI APPLICATIONS have long been taken for granted, even if the technology is still considered relatively new. Look into the facts more closely, however, and its beginnings can be traced back to the early 20TH CENTURY. IN 1936, Alan Turing translated some initial ideas into his own machine, and in 1956 American scientists described the concept of allowing machines to simulate the features of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, thus coining the term ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Today, automatic facial recognition, navigation systems, and voice assistants are part of our everyday lives. But where is the JOURNEY taking us? And is there a clear dividing line between the OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS it poses? Steinbeis experts offer insights into CURRENT SOLUTIONS and the latest trends, as well the challenges that await us. And of course we ask an important question: Who will the FUTURE of humanity belong to – humans or AI?


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