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International Collaboration for Industry 4.0

Steinbeis team and collaboration partners share commitment to innovative lifelong learning

Today, more than ever, our lives are subject to constant change – whether privately or professionally. Emerging technology, digital transformation, and not least the current pandemic are the kinds of changes that require us to continuously move forward and learn as we go along. The European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi) EWIV, a Steinbeis Enterprise, has joined forces with Swiss companies HRV.SWISS and Noovle International to tackle this challenge together with the aim of developing an innovative model of lifelong learning.

Promoting collaboration on education initiatives, in order to pave the way for training tailored to companies, particularly against a backdrop of digitalization within the economy – that is the aim of a collaboration agreement involving three parties: a team of Steinbeis experts from Stuttgart, HRV.SWISS, and Noovle International. The three partners plan to develop special “retraining” courses for companies. The European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi) EWIV, a Steinbeis Enterprise, has already completed a large number of projects relating to critical infrastructure. Based on this, it will therefore develop corresponding training courses and advanced curricula. As Steinbeis entrepreneur, Professor Dr.-Ing. Aleksandar Jovanovic, explains: “This undertaking is in line with the mission of EU-VRi, which places emphasis on the continuous and professional development of technical expertise within companies and organizations in German-speaking countries, particularly in the field of critical infrastructure.”

German-Swiss cooperation

The Steinbeis team is being supported with the initiative by its Swiss partner, HRV.SWISS: “Today more than ever, continuing education is a key factor in regional competitive strategies. Our partnership focuses on maintaining high standards, not only of courses offered but also of subsequent final theses,” summarizes Alberto Ciardelli, CEO of HRV.SWISS and, among other things, lead trainer, subject matter expert (AXELOS), and consultant to Noovle.

The third partner in the alliance – Noovle International from Lugano – will take on the role of strategic technology partner, offering training, workshops, and case studies on the use of emerging technology. As a specialist in the delivery of cloud projects and cloud solutions, the company offers extensive expertise in the technological development of applications, IT methods, prototypes, consulting, and the management of IT data. Noovle International board member Valentino Benicchio is looking forward to the partnership: “We’re very proud to be able to contribute to the topic of continuing education and its technological transformation.” It was agreed to start translating the project into action in October 2022 to coincide with the launch of the new executive master’s degree in Lean Digital Business Transformation at Steinbeis University.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aleksandar Jovanovic (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi) EWIV (Stuttgart)

Valentino Benicchio (author)
Board member
Noovle International Sagl (CH-Lugano)

Alberto Ciardelli (author)
HRV.SWISS Sagl (CH-Lugaggia)