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The Carte Du Jour of the Future: When Algorithms Decide What Goes on the Menu

Compared to previous generations, we expect the food we eat to do a lot more these days. Whereas in the past, food was primarily about ensuring we were satiated, today we expect much more – food should be HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE, AVAILABLE in sufficient supply to everyone, and of course tasty. Aspects such as EFFICIENCY efficiencyAND SUSTAINABILITY are also becoming increasingly important for foods and beverages. Combined with the ever-growing population of the world, these expectations call for new SOLUTIONS in the food and beverages industry, concepts that can only be offered with the help of DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION and NEW TECHNOLOGY such as digital solutions. On the following pages, experts provide a sneak preview of what the menu of the future might look like and examine some of the technological and material TOOLS that might be used, also showcasing actual projects that illustrate what is already possible today.


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