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A Meeting Place for Business: Networking at Alb-Schwarzwald Business School

Networking trade show takes place for third time in Rottweil

Lots of people say they want to innovate, but let’s be honest: how many of us really do innovate? No company that sits in a corner twiddling its thumbs will ever innovate. Alb-Schwarzwald Business School, which is part of Steinbeis University Berlin, can call itself innovative. So can some of the companies with specialists and managers studying at the business school in Rottweil. So what’s better than to bring everyone together at a small but excellent trade show established to motivate participants to engage in informal conversation. And what can be more satisfying than taking in the most amazing ideas that pop up in all kinds of fields. It is now the third time that Alb-Schwarzwald Business School is organizing the Meeting Place for Business event, which will take place next time on Saturday, March 25, 2017 in the town hall in Rottweil. Open sesame – time for people to network in all areas of industry!

More than 60 companies and organizations will be exhibiting and presenting their latest products at the trade show. There will also be a program of specialist events to coincide with the show, including a visit from Dr. Klaus Doppler, a leading author in the field of change management. The experts welcome all kinds of visitors to the talks and encourage everyone to share their own experiences. The topics that will be covered include compliance, data security, patents, future prospects in international markets, consumer trends in Asia, funding programs for innovation, and lots more. Guests from all areas are welcome to attend the event, which is free.


For the latest information on the trade show, go to www.treffpunkt-wirtschaft.com where there is also an overview of exhibitors, details of the talks, and the option to register online.

Ute Villing
Steinbeis Transfer Institute Alb-Schwarzwald Business School (Berlin/Gosheim)