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Operation 4.0 – Data-Enabling in Healthcare

When KONRAD ZUSE unveiled the Z3 in 1941, the world’s first PROGRAMMABLE COMPUTER, nobody could have imagined that not even a century later, computers and the DIGITAL SOLUTIONS they have spawned would permeate almost every area of modern life. And as a result, PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES and MEDICINE are also undergoing long-term change.

Whereas Zuse’s Z3 was only capable of basic arithmetic and could only store 64 WORDS, modern AI is able to analyze complex correlations, and for example in MEDICAL PRACTICE it can provide valuable help with diagnosis. One thing all computer-based hardware has in common is a data foundation. Information can be highly sensitive, especially in healthcare, so it has to be handled with discretion. On the following pages, a variety of Steinbeis experts discuss the OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS of data enabling in the healthcare sector, highlighting how Steinbeis projects are already making use of the DIGITAL ADVANTAGE available to healthcare services.

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