After 30 years, Günter Willmerding is closing down his Steinbeis Center after successfully handing the baton to Jakob Häckh

The move to the new Steinbeis premises in Langenau (in the district of Alb-Danube) marks a successful transition to the next generation of center management as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Willmerding hands on to Jakob Häckh. Every reason to look back (and forward) during a celebratory event and honor the achievements of Günter Willmerding with a Steinbeis award.

In 1988, Günter Willmerding founded a Steinbeis Transfer Center called New Technologies in Traffic Engineering. To retain the know-how gathered at the center in the long term, his successor Jakob Häckh also founded a Steinbeis Transfer Center as a collaborative startup in 2010. His center is called Traffic Engineering.Simulation.Software. The aim was to establish a long-term succession process and systematically transfer all know-how and resources from Willmerding’s center to the new enterprise set up by Häckh.

This process has now come to a successful conclusion, also reflected by a Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award – the Löhn Award – won in 2018 by Häckh and his colleagues alongside a team of experts at Daimler. After more than 30 successful years running his enterprise, Willmerding is now closing down his Steinbeis Transfer Center for New Technologies in Traffic Engineering. Despite this, he will continue to work on behalf of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Traffic Engineering.Simulation.Software. His focus will lie in service life calculation, also on a scientific level, looking in more detail at the theory behind service life and advancements. Another area close to his heart is the series of winLIFE seminars, which he will continue to spearhead. This will ensure that for customers, the transition is more or less seamless. In essence, nothing should change for clients. All projects previously worked on by the transfer center will now be taken on by Häckh and his colleagues.

The reshuffle was celebrated in style on January 26. Guests at the event included current and former employees, PhD students, Prof. Dr. Michael Auer (Chairman of the Steinbeis Foundation Board), and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Johann Löhn (former Chairman of the Steinbeis Foundation Board). Löhn and Auer presented the award to Günter Willmerding together. His center won the Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award with the company Voith back in 2004. The award is bestowed in recognition of outstanding services to Steinbeis, for particularly successful projects, for a person’s special character or underlying attitude, or even for acting as a role model.


Jakob Häckh
Steinbeis Transfer Center Traffic Engineering.Simulation.Software