Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann (left) and Rainer Reichhold Source: Baden-Wuerttemberg State Ministry

Order of Merit Awarded to Rainer Reichhold

Steinbeis Board of Trustees member receives important award from the Federal Republic of Germany

In his role as president of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Crafts Congress, Rainer Reichhold has been representing the organization on the Steinbeis Board of Trustees since 2005 and he has now been a member of the Steinbeis Board of Trustees Committee for seven years. Reichhold has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Minister- President Winfried Kretschmann for outstanding contributions to the manual trades.

“Rainer Reichhold is a farsighted advocate of skilled trades in the state and plays a key role in shaping the future of the industry. His commitment to colleagues in other skilled manual areas, and issues and people beyond the manual trades, is exceptional,” said Minister- President Kretschmann at the award ceremony.

Reichhold is a qualified electrician and is currently a managing partner of the Nürtingen-based company Elektro Nürk. He is also President of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Crafts Congress. Kretschmann praised Reichhold’s ability to think beyond the horizon, the consideration he gives to future developments in the skilled trades, and his commitment to globalization, digital transformation, and sustainability in the manual trades. Reichhold has also taken on responsibility on a state and federal level through the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Association. “This was a home game. As an electrician, he has a natural affinity to the megatrend of our times: digital transformation,” said the Minister-President. “He has driven digital transformation within the association. But he also understands how important the topic is for the actual work carried out by association members.” By doing so, Kretschmann said he became an advocate for giving the so-called e-crafts a clear digital positioning.

“I’m particularly delighted by the way Rainer Reichhold has also advanced the topic of sustainability,” emphasized Kretschmann. As president of the Stuttgart Chamber of Craft Industries he was the first person to issue a sustainability report for the Stuttgart regional chambers. His willingness to look beyond the end of his nose is also reflected by the variety of areas in which he has lent support to the state government. “For example, there’s his commitment to vocational training. Combating the shortage of skilled workers. So people can learn together – longer. But also to the integration of fugitives,” highlighted the Minister-President. Reichhold is also a member of numerous trade associations and committees. Kretschmann praised Reichhold’s “efficiency and analytical acuity,” saying that “his working style is shaped by the right questions and quick decisions.”


Anja Reinhardt
Steinbeis Foundation (Stuttgart)