The proud prizewinners at the awards ceremony (left to right): Dr. Ivo Holzinger, Prof. Dr. Axel Lamprecht, Sabrina Guggemos, Heike Hofmiller, Joachim Wohllaib, Mario Schmid and Manfred Schilder

The 7th Bestowal of the Dr. Ivo Holzinger Award

The School of Management and Technology at SHB honors the top bachelor graduates

The School of Management and Technology at Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) bestowed the Dr. Ivo Holzinger Award to the top graduates on its bachelor degree program for the seventh time in January. Dr. Ivo Holzinger was the long-standing mayor of Memmingen and he played a pivotal role in establishing a place of study in that city through the School of Management and Technology.

The current mayor of Memmingen, Manfred Schilder, who is also a lecturer in business administration and economics at Steinbeis University, welcomed the graduates and their families at Memmingen Town Hall: “It was a good decision to study in Memmingen. You are shaping the future. You will use innovations to create competitive advantage for Germany.” He also called on the graduates to be leaders with spiritual ideas. Learning is imperative due to the tremendous pace of scientific development.

This year the school’s Dr. Ivo Holzinger Award for the bachelor of arts program went to Sabrina Guggemos, whose degree project for the Huhtamaki Group looked at production optimization, and Heike Hofmiller for her project looking at logistics improvements at KVT-Fastening GmbH. Joachim Wohllaib and Mario Schmid received the award for the bachelor of science degree: Schmid developed a mobile app at Daimler TSS GmbH for his degree program and Wohllaib received the award for database optimizations at Liebherr Hydraulikbagger GmbH.

Representing the School of Management and Technology, Professor Dr. Axel Lamprecht extended a big thank you to the representatives of Memmingen city: “Our shared commitment at Memmingen Study Center has forged a close relationship with the city.” The former Business School Memmingen (now SMT Study Center Memmingen) has been receiving strong support from the city since 2006 in setting up a vocationally integrated school. But also the companies that provide the projects have been crucial, and their commitment has been tremendously important. Lamprecht also gave them a big thank you, since at a dualeducation university “company supervisors are particularly important for translating theory into practice.”


Nadine Riffel
School of Management and Technology der Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin (SHB) (Filderstadt)