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New certification courses: Competence Coach (SHB) and Competence Trainer (SHB)

Employee development at the Steinbeis Transfer Institute competence institute unisono

In collaboration with the coaching network Competence on Top, the Steinbeis Transfer Institute competence institute unisono (kiu) introduced two new certification courses in January. The training to become a Competence Coach (SHB) and a Competence Trainer (SHB) is module-based and comprises a series of fast-track training modules. These courses offer elective modules for participants to mix and match their training according to personal priorities. Each participant can decide which modules they want to take, when, in which order, and at which location.

With the training to become a Competence Coach (SHB), the participants have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for a professional career as a business coach. This involves learning effective questioning and mediation techniques to support clients with change processes. Aside from applying and using methods in the safe environment of a training course, the modules share creative ways to use coaching techniques in client meetings and employee appraisals. Course participants are also introduced to innovative approaches to successful systematic coaching, plus tried-and-tested mediation methods for more challenging problems and behavioral patterns. Coaches are equipped with a comprehensive toolkit of methods to help people dealing with an existential crisis, conflict, or complex decisions.

With the training to become a Competence Trainer (SHB), participants open the door to a new world of professional seminar and workshop design. Competence Trainers are taken through the fundamentals of concept development, planning a successful event, and keeping all participants on a level pegging. This can involve changing personal behavior but also personal development. There is a toolkit brimming with ideas to allow trainers to design state-of-the-art seminars and ensure lessons learned are sustainable. Trainers also discover how to navigate their way confidently through the challenges of group dynamics and how to deal with interruptions. Both courses are based on a systemic-constructivist approach comprising components derived from experiential education, improvisation theater, and art therapy. The seminars also integrate aspects of NLP, hypno-systemic methods, and working with systemic structures.


Peter Schust
Steinbeis Transfer Institute competence institute unisono (Ulm)

Manuela Dollinger
Competence on Top (Augsburg)