André Schleiter (Bertelsmann Foundation), Gerd Duffke, Mischa Kohler (both from Trumpf) at the 2017 German Training Award ceremony.

Award for Continuing Professional Development Project

Steinbeis certifies course for training concept

Services are one of those “hot potato” topics, not just for customers but also for the people who deliver the service. By looking at needs and desires from different angles, professional services can be transformed into a key area of investment for the future. Services make an important contribution to competitive differentiation, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. It was these ideas that motivated the mechanical engineering company Trumpf to launch a project called Fit for Service, which has now been honored with the German Education Award. The Steinbeis Transfer Institute competence institute unisono (kiu) joined forces with the Stegink Group Academy to develop a training course to become a Competence Services Advisor (SHB).

Course participants learn the defining features of professional services, how to detect and process customer desires and needs, and different ways to provide sales departments with active support. Aside from the detailed theoretical aspects of the course, one important topic that covers a multitude of areas is communication. The instruction given to service employees is based on the actual needs of business practice, with online workshops, a project report for the company, and a plan covering each participant’s specialist training requirements. This prepares them for their extended role as experts at the interface between the client and the company. Trumpf, which is not just a mechanical engineering specialist but also a laser specialist, worked with the SteginkGroup Academy and the kiu Steinbeis Transfer Institute to focus on the career plans of older, more experienced service operatives and develop training options for them to become Competence Services Consultants (SHB). The certified training course will also be made available to other companies in the summer of 2017. The concept is part of the Trumpf Fit for Service project, which was honored with the 2017 German Training Award in the Innovation category in Berlin. The award recognizes outstanding examples of training and talent management. Henriette Stegink from the Stegink- Group Academy was also delighted with the award: “The training course allows us to meet domestic and international requirements and compensate for the growing skills shortage.”


Gudrun Jürß
Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute competence institute unisono (Ulm)

Henriette Stegink
SteginkGroup (Schwäbisch Gmünd)