Technological know-how for non-technicians

Steinbeis training provides a grounding in technical knowledge

It’s a problem many industrial enterprises are familiar with: Technical experts and engineers try to explain a complex innovation or a manufacturing process to people in commercial areas, or co-workers working in other non-technical areas, and they’re met with blank faces. It’s always helpful if companies can invest in their people by offering technical training, especially if they’ve not received a technology-based education or studied technical topics – and thus need to gain a basic understanding of such topics for their work. Steinbeis expert Berthold Villing has recognized this need and developed a fundamentals course that covers a variety of technologies encountered in industry, from materials processing to electrical engineering and information technology.

His training courses bring obvious benefit to companies. Participants gain insights into fields they would otherwise find it difficult to familiarize themselves with – without complex formulae, diagrams, and math. The different forms of technology are presented in a vivid, clear, and memorable way, drawing on examples from everyday life to smoothen the learning process. For example, it’s much easier to understand what an extruder is if you see how a machine used to make pasta works.

The modules cover different topics and last eight days in total, although it’s also possible to book individual modules. To round off the course, a variety of companies are visited. “This is because the easiest way to remember what you’ve learned is to actually set your eyes on it on a machine,” explains Berthold Villing. In the blink of an eye, insights from the course are then stored in the long-term memory. This helps people remember the most important principles and processes, even after a number of years. As one course participant concludes: “The training course is ideal for anyone who has a hard time with technology.”

Further information on course content and dates: www.technik-fü


Berthold Villing (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Transfer Institute Business School Alb-Schwarzwald (Gosheim)