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First Graduate School of Steinbeis University receives system accreditation

The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) officially gained system accreditation on May 15, 2019. SIBE is now the first management school under the roof of Steinbeis University to successfully complete the system accreditation process. At a ceremony in Stuttgart, the accreditation certificate was awarded by Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fink, managing director of the Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner G. Faix, managing director and academic director of SIBE.

FIBAA is an independent accreditation agency, which first started accrediting the study programs of SIBE in 1998. Its approach differs from conventional accreditation processes used for individual study programs, because its focus lies on the overall quality management system of an educational institution.

FIBAA conducted an expert assessment of a variety of aspects within the SIBE quality management system. It also assessed these aspects at the Graduate School of Leadership and Management, which is managed by SIBE. Factors considered included the educational profile, the management system and the quality assurance system. A detailed look was taken at all processes regarding study programs and quality management. As part of their conclusion the auditors emphasized the study concept and quality of teaching as well as steps taken to ensure quality, for example regular product audits and established KPI systems. Furthermore, they highlighted the role played by systematic feedback and suggestions within the development of all study programs offered by the graduate school. SIBE completed the comprehensive system accreditation process without reservation by the auditors. All requirements relating to the quality management system were met with full satisfaction.

In addition to premium accreditation of the Master of Arts and Master of Science programs, the findings of the neutral auditing agency underscore SIBE’s high quality standards. Those are an essential aspect not only of its processes, but also of its study programs. System accreditation entitles SIBE to accredit the study programs of the Graduate School of Leadership and Management itself and further award the seal of the accreditation council.


Nick Lange (author)

Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (Herrenberg)