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A Vision of Future Generations

A network revolving around a Steinbeis company organizes a high school and university trip to the Vision trade show in Stuttgart

It’s never too early to foster the next generation of specialists – as six members of a technology alliance will tell you. The partnership comprises the Steinbeis quality assurance and image processing experts at SQB (Ilmenau), Vision & Control (Suhl), the Ilmenau-based firm TechnoTeam, the society for image and signal processing GBS (also from Ilmenau), the department of quality assurance and industrial image processing at TU Ilmenau, and the trade fair company Messe Stuttgart. Building on the success of 2016, they all joined forces on what was now the second occasion and organized a trip on November 8 for high school and university students to Vision, the world’s leading trade show for image processing in Stuttgart.

The idea was to allow more than 60 young people from Thuringia to experience new products, technologies, and trends at close quarters. The students were divided into small groups and taken on guided tours, not only to provide them with detailed information on the products and processes on display, but also to explain the career options in the field. The intensive discussion between the students and people at the trade show booths highlighted their strong interest in the educational initiative. This was totally in keeping with the sponsors’ aim with the trade show visit, which was all about networking. The idea worked – for the high school students, the university students, and the companies looking for employees. The alliance partners also sponsored a small prize this year and asked “Who can find the image sensor with the highest resolution?” The prize for the winner was a Raspberry Pi kit. This was won by students from the Bülow High School in Neudietendorf, who unearthed a Canon sensor with a resolution of 250 megapixels.

The positive feedback started for the organizers the moment the students got on the bus back home. The return journey was also a useful opportunity for students on the trip to get to know some of the firms that came along. “That really did fulfill our expectations as organizers; our hope was to make a useful contribution to attracting the next generation of specialists to Thuringia,” concludes Steffen Lübbecke, managing director of SBQ, who felt extremely positive about this event. The time and effort invested by TU Ilmenau in organizing the event deserves particular mention, as does the department of mechanical engineering under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gunther Notni and Dr. Maik Rosenberger. The area around TU Ilmenau has already been coined Vision Valley. A whole host of small and medium-sized businesses in the area would like to use such events to foster specialists in the field of image processing. In all likelihood it will therefore not be the last such trip to be organized for high school and university students.


Steffen Lübbecke
Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH (Ilmenau)