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Continuing Professional Development That Pays

A hybrid education concept for Six Sigma projects

Since June, the Steinbeis Business Academy (SBA) at Steinbeis University Berlin has been working with the Six Sigma Akademie Deutschland to offer training as a project manager for Six Sigma improvement projects. The initiative is part of a new training concept, the aim of which is to ensure that quality assurance tools are both understood and internalized. The experts are offering a new hybrid approach that combines virtual instruction with classroom-based study.

Training that makes a distinction between imparting knowledge and the application of that knowledge – using digital instruction modules to prepare students for their time in the classroom – offers added value on two fronts, not just to course participants but also to their companies. Periods of virtual study enable students to spend less time away from the workplace, and the knowledge they acquire can be accessed during training sessions whenever needed. Classroom sessions offer plenty of variety and they are kept interactive so that students can focus on applying the knowledge they acquire. This cements understanding and makes it easier to transfer know-how to the workplace.

The Steinbeis Business Academy and the Six Sigma Akademie Deutschland now offer a new Green Belt qualification based on a 360° hybrid education concept. By the end of their training, course participants gain Six Sigma LEAN+AGILE Green Belt certification.

Six Sigma makes it possible to improve the efficiency of project management in the long term. After completion, course participants can apply their Six Sigma methods and deliver financial and strategic benefit to their organization. Their qualification also empowers them to conduct their own projects and apply quality assurance tools spanning each of the Six Sigma project phases.

The training is targeted at engineers, scientists, businesspeople, people with a technical background in research or development, production planners, and anyone involved in manufacturing or quality management at a service provider or production company. Anyone interested in the course can take part in a trial webinar and gain an impression of the content covered.


Jürgen Werner
Steinbeis Business Academy at Steinbeis University Berlin (Gaggenau/Berlin)