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Consulting X.0 – Networking. Digital transformation. Convergence.

The 2018 Steinbeis Consulting Day

There is nothing permanent except change, as Heraclitis already knew in 500 AD. 2,500 years later, change is still ever-present. Current societal, technological, and economic developments are changing companies and thus also changing business consulting. The 2018 Steinbeis Consulting Day will revolve around the topic of Consulting X.0 – Networking. Digital transformation. Convergence. This year it will take place on June 27, 2018 in Stuttgart. The main issue it will examine is the significance of developments for technology and management consulting.

Business enterprises, the economy, and society in general are witnessing a prolonged phase of sweeping change driven by digital transformation and penetrating networks, exacerbated by converging structures, systems, and technologies. Not only is this affecting core areas of industry and key sectors within manufacturing, it is also having an impact on the public sector and services. As a result, areas such as technology services, especially technology and management consulting, are also facing new and fundamental challenges. So what are the challenges of Technology and Management Consulting X.0?

Experts working in consulting, businesses, and science and academia will use the fourth Steinbeis Consulting Day to examine this question and discuss the latest trends and developments. The day will be broken down into a variety of interactive events to allow the participants to exchange ideas and establish areas of overlap.


Marina Tyurmina
Steinbeis Headquarters (Stuttgart)