CFD simulation of a heat exchanger

A Network for Sustainable Energy Systems

Steinbeis Centers join forces to set up a center of competence

Energy and energy efficiency topics feature in political, economic, and social discussion every day and the issues they raise are becoming increasingly important. There is broad agreement that we need to use energy resources more consciously and efficiently. How to actually do this in practice – and which role networks play in this – is shown by the recently founded Steinbeis Competence Center for Sustainable Energy (KNE).

From different professional sides a number of new approaches and suggestions on how to use energy more consciously and efficiently are already being shared, but these often only lead to an unilateral optimization of the total energy consumption. The KNE was set up on the initiative of four experts at Steinbeis Enterprises, whose motivation and objective is to push ahead the use of sustainable technology in industry, commerce, and local communities with the aim of establishing a longterm, reliable, ecological and economical viable energy supply. The four Steinbeisers are: Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Pohler (Steinbeis Consulting Center: 4IES), Professor Dr. Georg Kleiser (Steinbeis Consulting Center: Energy-Efficient Manufacturing), Professor Dr. Walter Commerell (Steinbeis Transfer Center: System Design), and Professor Dr. Peter Renz (Steinbeis Transfer Center: Energy and Flow Engineering).

The KNE’s goal is to reduce the energy requirements of its customers in the long term. The founders believe the issue of energy can only be approached from a holistic perspective by networking different core competences with the aim of identifying the most efficient energysaving solutions. And this is exactly what the four Steinbeis Enterprises offer by bundling their knowledge and experience across a variety of fields to the benefit of customers. The services provided by the KNE reach from analysis to concept development and coaching on implementation. The center’s portfolio ranges from industrial and public energy systems in the field of energy generation over thermal and/or electrical storage systems up to concept development of power distribution systems needed for thermal, cooling and electrical energy. For example, using waste heat and generating electricity through CHP plants and/or photovoltaic systems makes it possible to reduce energy consumption.

The center also looks at cross-sectional technologies such as lighting, compressed air and drives. The first step when analyzing existing systems is usually to carry out a stocktaking exercise. Thermographic analysis and energy measurements enable a quick identification of energetic heat sources and heat sinks. Other services offered to customers include simulations of specific components and systems to gain a more detailed understanding of complex interrelations. The benefit of this is that the effects of different changes on the complete system can be assessed in advance. This enables the design of manufacturer-independent and individual systems based on future requirements. At the same time, this ensures energy is put to sensible use, thus reducing investment outlays. Clients are provided with support in gaining energy certification for residential and nonresidential buildings. They can also receive help with providing evidence of completed energy audits (EDL-G) under DIN standards EN 16247-1 and EN ISO 50001. Support is also available for complex issues, expert reports, and official audits. The KNE also offers its customers detailed advice on funding programs and provides help with submitting applications to different financial institutions (i.e. German institutions like BAFA, KfW Bank, etc. or corresponding international ones). These banks also offer subsidies on certain services provided by the KNE.








Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Pöhler is director of the Steinbeis Consulting Center 4IES and has over 35 years of professional experience in planning and designing energy supply systems. Professor Dr. Georg Kleiser is director of the Steinbeis Consulting Center Energy-Efficient Manufacturing and an expert in the optimization of industrial energy systems. Professor Dr. Walter Commerell is director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for System Design and a specialist in the field of storage systems and automation. Professor Dr. Peter Renze is director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Energy and Flow Engineering and works in the field of heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The four Steinbeis experts are the joint founders of the Steinbeis Competence Center for Sustainable Energy (KNE).

Professor Dr. Peter Renze, Heinz Pöhler, Professor Dr. Walter Commerell, Professor Dr. Georg Kleiser
Steinbeis Competence Center for Sustainable Energy