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Enterprise Data Manager – Systematic, Efficient, and Future-Proof

Steinbeis experts co-develop a training program for technical experts and managers

To successfully transform into a data-driven company, it is important to use data like any other business resource in keeping with actual needs and sustainability factors. Against this background, four partners – the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Electronic Business, the Institute for Business Information Systems at Heilbronn University, the FIR at RWTH Aachen, and business software specialist Trovarit – have developed a concept for a certification course to train as an Enterprise Data Manager. The course provides instruction on categorizing, modeling, and integrating data, as well as a variety of methods used to manage and analyze data.

When it comes to describing data, there is no shortage of superlatives to capture its role as the “oil,” “gold,” or “water” of companies. Regardless of these metaphors, there’s no disputing that data is increasingly important and strategic in terms of its role within companies. Accordingly, just like other production factors, it must be managed methodically.

Electronic Business, the Steinbeis Consulting Center, addresses the role played by data management in changing the nature of business through its approach to enterprise architecture management, as a methodical and systematic means of implementing digital transformation within companies. The levels data is used on play a pivotal role in this. In addition to receiving support with the planning of data strategies, with defining and implementing data governance in keeping with company needs, with selecting and providing assistance with data-oriented enterprise software, and with assisting in the management of new technology within the company, in order to manage data methodically it is crucial for staff to have access to “tools of the trade.”

Turning data stewardship into strategic, integrative data management

The certification course to become an Enterprise Data Manager has been developed by the four collaboration partners to offer everything an employee needs if they are entrusted with, responsible for, or even merely interested in managing data within a company. The course comes at enterprise-wide data management from all relevant angles, also providing instruction on required skills. To safeguard the high standards of technical expertise, to share the latest know-how, and to provide insights into outlooks for the future, the course is run by leading specialists from the four partners.

The certification course comprises two three-day modules in the classroom in Aachen or Heilbronn with periods of self-study before and between each classroom session. The lectures and exercises cover topics such as:

  • Data modeling and master data
  • Life cycle data management and data quality
  • Technologies used in data management
  • Data governance and data integration
  • Digital transformation and business cases

The know-how imparted through the certification course is on a par with a master’s degree, culminating in an RWTH certificate examination. After passing the exam, participants receive an officially accredited RWTH certificate (2 ECTS).


For further information and course dates, go to https://www.fir.rwth-aachen.de/qualifikation/rwth-zertifikatskurse/enterprise-data-manager/

Prof. Dr. Helmut Beckmann (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Consulting Center Electronic Business (EB) (Kirchheim)