New Steinbeis Building in the Adlershof District of Berlin – Science and Technology Up Close

A new Steinbeis House is under construction in Germany’s largest science and technology park

On March 1, under blue skies in Adlershof, Berlin, a ceremonial topping-out wreath was mounted on the raw, five-story shell of a building, thus marking an important milestone in the construction of the new Steinbeis House. In the meantime, interior work has started and the facade is also now taking shape. The building, which will offer a new location for members of the Steinbeis Network to gather and meet up in Berlin, is scheduled for completion in late 2023.

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The location, just a stone’s throw from a variety of renowned research and technology institutions, offers the Steinbeis Network a number of new opportunities to share its expertise in know-how sharing, adding value, and leveraging synergies. The first plans for the site were drafted in 2015 and the efficiency with which the development is being completed is primarily due to close partnerships between WISTA Management, WISTA.Plan Site Development, the general planning experts at DREI ARCHITEKTEN, a slew of specialist architects, general contractor Züblin, the senate administration for urban development, Wohnen und Bauen, and Treptow-Kopenick district office.

Suitable for a variety of purposes

In addition to representing Steinbeis in the German capital, the office and administration building will offer rooms for lease in different formats, primarily to enterprises belonging to the Steinbeis Network and their business partners. Among other things, the aim is for Adlershof to provide Steinbeis University with a location for its broad spectrum of degree programs in cooperation with other business schools. Accordingly, the plan is to offer modern and adaptable seminar rooms and office space for people at the university. Other sections of the building have been earmarked for Steinbeis Enterprises and their business partners, and tech and science startups will also be welcome to work on developments at the site.

People using Steinbeis House will also enjoy access to a wide range of communication and meeting facilities with the aim of fostering knowledge sharing and technology transfer. There are also plans to put aside rooms on the fifth floor to offer short-term accommodation to members of the Steinbeis Network.

Steinbeis developments in the region

An experienced Steinbeiser, Frank Graage will drive business development in the region through a new enterprise called SWITT (short for Steinbeis Wissens- und Technologietransfer): “We’ll have a whole host of opportunities to shape and fashion the science and technology space, which is continuing to expand. Also, being in the capital of Germany will allow us to encourage the exchange of ideas with industry and engagement in knowledge transfer, which will promote further development of the Steinbeis Network,” says Graage.


Interested in finding out more, or have questions about the new site in Berlin-Adlershof? Please contact:

Jörg Schlusen (author)
Project Management, Steinbeis House Berlin-Adlershof
Steinbeis Headquarters
Steinbeis-Zentrale (Stuttgart)

Katharina Graeber (author)
Project Management, Steinbeis House Berlin-Adlershof
Steinbeis Headquarters
Steinbeis-Zentrale (Stuttgart)

Frank Graage (author)
Managing Director
Steinbeis Wissens- und Technologietransfer GmbH (Berlin)