Go-ahead for the SIAT Initiative

Steinbeis experts co-develop an innovation and staff training network

Innovation and training must go hand in hand – a key factor recognized by a consortium including the Institute for Effective Management, a Steinbeis Consulting Center. Together, the stakeholders want to meet this challenge by working as a network. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to ensure nothing prevents the SIAT Innovation and Training Network getting off to a good start.

The program offers support to companies of all sizes, from all sectors of industry. This enables SIAT to provide companies with targeted help in the individual situations they face. The only limitation is the number of parties that can take part in and thus benefit from the program.

The goal: enhancing HR development

The consortium, which comprises MAI Carbon (of Composites United), the Institute for Effective Management (a Steinbeis Consulting Center), and The Knowledge Company, has now received funding confirmation from the federal government for the development of a new type of innovation and training network. The three project partners are thus pooling competences in the fields of networking, training and staff development, innovation and HR development, knowledge transformation, and digital learning formats. Together, they have founded SIAT, a shared innovation and training alliance, which has access to an extensive network of partners.

The purpose and goal of the project is to increase the number of companies engaging in innovation and training programs, to improve HR development within companies (especially SMEs), and to significantly reduce the resources required by its members. As network members, companies will be encouraged to organize training by joining forces with other members, as well as stakeholders in the labor market and continuing education. This should be achieved in such a way that it saves as many resources as possible. “SIAT is the ideal fit for many companies in our network,” beams Phillip Scherer of MAI Carbon.

Enhanced performance for less money

The idea of SIAT is to bring together companies as members of one and the same network and to enable the different parties to benefit from a shared staff training platform that provides them with access to different service providers in the market – offering cost savings on training programs of up to 50%. “The new digital purchasing platform will allow us to achieve a milestone in assessing offers, and it will also deliver huge cost advantages. The aim is to make it easier for companies in the network to gain access to services, and it should make offers transparent and comparable,” says Andreas Renner, Steinbeis Entrepreneur at the Institute for Effective Management.

In addition, SIAT offers specialists in both organizational development and HR development a low-entry opportunity to forge networks and learn from one another. “Accompanying, moderating, and providing all this with the required scientific support is what Steinbeis has stood for for over 40 years, and we’re proud to be able to play our part in this fantastic network,” explains Steinbeis expert Dr. Philipp Rodrian.


SIAT is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs under a program called MAI TraiNET, which facilitates the setting up of staff training alliances. The initiative is scheduled to run for three years.


Andreas Renner (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Consulting Center Institute for Effective Management (Augsburg)