Premiere for latest ECC Research Software Module

Tool now also makes it possible to conduct studies

A software module called ECC Research made its premiere at this year’s Steinbeis day, with visitors from the Steinbeis Network invited to a workshop to take a first look at the latest extension to the Steinbeis Enterprise Competence Check© (ECC). The ECC is used by consultants, companies, and lecturers as an analysis tool and it can also be used to carry out empirical research into large samples.

Large volumes of data can be captured with the software, typically descriptive statistics outlining the structural details of a company, and this data can be compared to individual skills indicators, also collating them into different groups. For example, regional differences in companies’ skills profiles can be examined or the specific nature of skills profiles broken down by sector of industry, turnover category, or company size. This expands the evaluation possibilities of the ECC to include new options, e.g., to identify skills in individual regions or industry, to map these systematically, and to analyze differences. It is also possible to examine factors relating to the specific emphasis of a competence profile for large or small companies, for firms with higher or lower turnover, or for new or established companies.

ECC Research is easy and intuitive to use, so it will also be interesting for users not so familiar with research techniques because it allows them to quickly carry out evaluations and analyses without complexity, despite being robust in terms of methodology and content. Not only can ECC Research be used by consultants in their work, but also by people working in economic development who can conduct studies and make assessments. Access to the ECC Research application is provided during a one-day training session. The training course is free for members of the Steinbeis Network. Courses cover the underlying fundamentals of the system, how the software works, different types of analysis, and how they function.


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