The audience at the 23rd Consulting Forum

The Risk of Bankruptcy: Liability and Risk of Penalty

A look back at the 23rd Steinbeis Consulting Forum

A consulting session reveals that a company has liquidity gaps that could threaten its very survival – gaps that probably cannot be closed. Suddenly, the client and the consultant find themselves confronted by potential liability and penalty risks. What are the options and opportunities open to consultants and their customers in such situations? This was the central question posed at the 23rd consulting forum for Steinbeis directors and project managers. The forum took place in Stuttgart last November.

The speaker at the forum was Jurgen Cramer, project manager at the Steinbeis Consulting Center Business Start-Up and director at Management Consulting Cramer (MCC). Cramer has 35 years of experience in manufacturing and real estate, from startups to company restructuring and financial recovery.

Talking alongside the attorneys Alexander Kastle and Dr. iur. Steffen Hattler, the co-managing directors of the leading law firm Hirt + Teufel, he turned what sounds like a dry topic into a lively and interactive session. There was also plenty of story-telling and sharing of thoughts from the audience, resulting in many questions being answered plus a whole string of practical tips for consultants’ own work.


Sonja Anklam
Steinbeis Headquarters (Stuttgart)