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High Performance, Attentiveness, and New Energy for Managers

SCMT event on “Business Impetus” on April 28, 2017

The work environment is becoming more and more stressful with less and less time to get things done. To cope with the increasing workload, digitalization, and constantly changing requirements, people need to be all the more attentive, conscious of their actions, and open. One attribute managers are increasingly expected to possess is mental resilience. The Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT) invited managers to a Business Impetus event on April 28 with the theme “High Performance through Attentiveness – Intellectual Growth Capital to Fuel Your Success.”

The keynote speech on the evening was given by Simone Langendörfer. Langendörfer has a wealth of experience in business enterprises, is an author, and gives speeches at symposia, conventions, and events organized by leading German firms, trade associations, and universities. For Langendörfer, attentiveness is a core competence when it comes to mastering the wide array of challenges and side-effects of digital transformation. Attentiveness is without doubt the recipe for success when it comes to developing and improving modern management culture. As part of the Business Impetus event, Langendörfer demonstrated how managers can achieve consistently good performance, stay on the ball during periods of intense concentration, and acquire new energy in everyday situations.

The event took place in the Steinbeis House for Management and Technology in the Plieningen suburb of Stuttgart.


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Sarina Gehrung
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