The Qualileo optical inspection system for industrial quality assurance @ SQB GmbH

Industrial Image Processing and Top-Tier System Integration

Steinbeis experts translate project know-how into practical solutions

Precision and efficiency are of tremendous importance to industry in modern times, as a result of which an increasingly vital role is played by industrial image processing. Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung (SQB) was early to identify this. As a system integrator of image processing and camera systems, it has become an established player in this field by offering customized solutions for use in both existing machinery and future systems tailored to customer requirements.

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The team at Steinbeis believes in entering into close working relationships with its customers, allowing all requirements for new measurement or testing activities to be captured and caught in detail at an early stage. It makes no difference whether 2D or complex 3D measurements are needed. Next, the experts conduct extensive and detailed feasibility studies before using sample components to design camera systems with appropriate integrated illumination options. In addition to taking technical factors into account, consideration is also given to economic aspects. The main priority of the experts is to reconcile system effectiveness and cost efficiency.

SQB also develops test systems and manual testing facilities. To this end, it sets up simulation cells and generates the required design data in order to subsequently engineer the overall system. The control technology required to do this is designed and constructed in-house, similar to the approach used in purpose-built mechanical engineering. The previously determined camera technology, including illumination, is then integrated, with programming based on the actual test prototype. An extensive phase of testing ensures checks are carried out smoothly within the specified tolerance range, and this plays an important role in keeping the customer satisfied.

Developing know-how and creating benefit

After successful completion of the project, expertise acquired in the process can support the further development not only of certain processes, but also of machines, which can, for example, then be offered as stand-alone solutions. A large number of new products have been developed this way.

One example is an optical monitoring system called Qualileo, which was developed to examine sample materials for deviations from required specifications and use AI to differentiate between good and bad parts. Another is a long-standing partnership with a business enterprise that led to the successful development of ViScan, a video-optical sensor. ViScan functions like an optical probe on devices used to measure component dimensions. Other products developed in collaboration with companies include PipeScan, a surface inspection device used in the inline quality monitoring of plastic pipes in a wide range of diameters, and OpKoTest, a robot-interlinked inspection system for the contact-free measurement of geometric features and shape attributes, which is used in the serial production of optical components and offers automatic in-feed and out-feed.

All of these innovations are continuously overhauled and updated by SQB to stay abreast of current technology standards. If a customer expresses the wish to integrate a previously developed concept into an existing system or develop a new large-scale system, SQB also offers comprehensive support for all stages of project implementation. To do this, it works in close collaboration with partner companies and mechanical engineering firms to ensure measurement activities are dealt with professionally. This also entails ensuring all measurement data is shared via appropriate interfaces and database solutions are set up and integrated into systems.

SQB looks back on more than 30 years of experience across a variety of sectors of industry, including the automotive industry, food and beverages, and medicine. Joining forces with leading companies has not only made it possible to continuously gather and expand its expertise, but this has also paved the way for a variety of customized solutions to be delivered and introduced in response to specific requirements. SQB is familiar with the requirements currently affecting different areas of industry, offering opportunities to tap into solutions that have not only proven valuable to others, but are also highly cost-efficient.


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