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Innovation Systems

An INNOVATION SYSTEM represents the totality of all subcomponents and plays an indispensable role in successful innovation. But what are the key elements of a successful innovation system, and what role do MITTELSTAND enterprises – the SMEs that form the backbone of the German economy – play in this? Also, which factors play a crucial role for FUNCTIONING INNOVATION SYSTEMS in (medium-sized) companies? This issue of TRANSFER magazine explores the secret of success of innovation systems, both from a SCIENCE perspective and from the perspective of BUSINESS. What do our authors tell us? Despite myriad challenges – including those caused by current crises – German Mittelstand companies possess considerable INNOVATIVE POWER, but to secure the competitiveness and future viability of SMEs, and also of Germany as a whole as a business location, all stakeholders need to adopt a common approach with a FOCUS ON THE FUTURE.

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