The 2022 Steinbeis Network Event

Review and Impressions

Rather than raising the curtain, it was a case of finally opening doors again on September 30, and a large number of Steinbeis entrepreneurs responded to the invitation and came to the Steinbeis campus in Stuttgart. For decades, the last Friday in September has been chosen as Steinbeis Day – a regular event in the schedule of the Steinbeis network that was forced to press the pause button for the last two years due to the pandemic. This made it all the more noticeable how much the guests and their hosts had missed the chance to talk to each other in person, and everyone made full use of the opportunity to meet up again.

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The event was a fresh start in more ways than one, after the organizers decided to give the day a bit of a makeover, reflected most obviously in the new location. Following the opening of the Steinbeis campus last year as a central meeting place for the network and headquarters of the Steinbeis Foundation, for the first time the entire event was held in Steinbeis’s own buildings.

After energetic talks, discussions, and in particular the first Steinbeis NetworkDialog (see following pages), in the late afternoon the guests were invited to round off the day in a more relaxed atmosphere. In addition to a tour of the architecture on the Steinbeis campus and a tour of Hohenheim Botanical Garden, the guests were offered insights of a very different kind. This moved on seamlessly to the Steinbeis Campus Evening at the Steinbeis House for Management and Technology (SHMT).

Culinary delights accompanied by atmospheric music performed by Neonbeige – the later the event moved on into the evening, the more the conversation shifted to the bar at the Steinbeis House in Hohenheim. The feedback from guests highlighted that a repeat would go down very well!

The next Steinbeis Day will take place on September 29, 2023 on the Steinbeis Campus in Stuttgart.


Steinbeis Headquarters (Stuttgart)