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Dear Readers,

I can’t wait to see what you’re expecting to read in this edition of TRANSFER magazine, especially given the feature topic, which has been discussed in a whole host of publications and talks recently: Digital Transformation and the World of Work 4.0. Maybe you feel the same way as I do about the phenomenon of digital transformation, especially in the interdisciplinary context of working environments – that this is a fuzzy area and for many: a somewhat mystical development. One question it has to be allowed to ask is whether this edition’s feature topic is actually something tangible. Is it even possible to look at the topic properly in concrete terms? To draw an analogy, isn’t this edition about some kind of unknown far-off galaxy, and not some well-known star we can all point to?

Speaking for myself, I’m delighted with the feature topic of this edition of TRANSFER magazine and expect to read some fascinating articles. It’s true to say that the term digital transformation is highly multifaceted and covers many topics. Combined with smart work environments – World of Work 4.0 – the radar is even wider. Despite this, I think it’s understandable and right for Steinbeis of all organizations to turn the spotlight on the phenomenon of digital transformation and to do this in combination with changes in the world of work. The reason I say this is that Steinbeis is to a certain degree predestined to take an interdisciplinary and holistic look at the multifaceted, multilayered topics encountered in the Steinbeis Network; it has a unique breadth of expertise and can juggle the scientific or academic approach with its transfer-based outlook in order to arrive at constructive and pragmatic approaches.

This is also highlighted in this edition of TRANSFER. We’ve never had so many top-quality articles revolving around a single feature topic. The scope of applications addressed by the articles – from emergency medical assistance to dialog marketing – give broad, sector-wide insights into the specific approaches that are possible. The authors’ contributions look at each issue in detail but also take a top-down look at companies – going micro and macro. The particular tidbits for some will be the short interviews, which deal with technologies and business in general, weighing up the opportunities and threats they entail. This provides a comprehensive picture, a meaningful complement to the outlined implementation scenarios.

If I had to sum up this current issue from a personal perspective, I’d say reading this edition of TRANSFER magazine is an enticement to experiment and make things happen in small steps with the support of the experts at Steinbeis – which hopefully will involve you! So on that note, I hope you gain some helpful ideas for your own projects and plans.

Heiner Lasi


Professor Dr. habil. Heiner Lasi is director of the Ferdinand-Steinbeis- Institute (FSTI), which as a member of the Steinbeis Foundation coordinates projects in the field of digital transformation and technology convergence. The focus of tasks at the FSTI lies in transfer-based research in the field of digital solutions and networking. The FSTI is a part of the Steinbeis Network and a research faculty belonging to Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB).

To contact Heiner Lasi, write to heiner.lasi@stw.de