VEELIX – From Concept to Successful Implementation

Steinbeis experts provide advice on innovative education platform developed by IT startup

Education is a central factor in long-term development, not only in the economy but also in society in general. It is also key to safeguarding the competitiveness of Germany as an innovative global player. VEELIX IT Solutions has developed an education platform offering a helpful tool in this area. The IT startup received business development support from the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Economic Corporate Management.

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The current education system is about to undergo sweeping change. Rigid structures and shortcomings in terms of digital solutions are proving to be an impediment, especially given the increasing momentum of digital transformation. For an education system to qualify as being agile and innovative, it should:

  • Be based on carefully designed platform technology, in order to deliver highly scalable education websites
  • Offer reliable availability, independent of user loads and end devices, and offer secure technical functionality spanning all modules
  • Conform with data privacy/GDPR requirements
  • Be capable of adapting rapidly to changing conditions
  • Make it easy for teachers to create interesting educational content and offer contemporary motivations to learn through gamification
  • Promote learning according to the individual needs of education stakeholders
  • Offer straightforward scalability of educational content
  • Offer efficient and automated administration of all processes and tasks, also helping to reduce redundancies between administration and the customer

Assessed according to these requirements, the performance of some existing digital platforms would be debatable. They have serious shortcomings in terms of functionality, underscoring the need for a fundamental system change to make way for a more integrated platform solution.

Success thanks to advisory services from Steinbeis

The question the founding partners at VEELIX IT Solutions asked themselves was: “What should an education system offer to make learning fun and motivate users to learn new things?” The entrepreneurs have been receiving advice from the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Economic Corporate Management since their startup left the starting blocks. Motivated by personal experience and driven by the vision of an internationally connectible, GDPR-compliant ecosystem for the digital education space, together they developed an education platform called VEELIX. A defining feature of their solution is that all processes required by education providers can be serviced without having to tap into external systems. At the same time, any kind of future system requirement can be addressed. The system works by breaking down programs into the smallest possible functional units and merging them in containers. Server capacities can be adjusted dynamically to match changes in user numbers. In addition, the hardware structure can be used by any education provider, offering an education space for all kinds of stakeholders.

VEELIX was launched in June 2021. Since July, private sector education providers and schools have also been able to develop and run courses through the education platform. “It’s great to see VEELIX develop from an innovative startup into a successful company,” enthuses the firm’s companion on the journey, Steinbeis consultant Isolde Fischer from the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Economic Corporate Management.


Isolde Fischer (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Consulting Center for Economic Corporate Management (Leonberg)

Dominik Mayer (author)
Managing Partner
VEELIX IT-Solutions GmbH (Göttingen)