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QualityCircle – A Conversation turns into an in-demand Software Solution

Two Steinbeis Enterprises support the successful development of a software-based planning tool

It all started with a conversation between Reiner Lohse, Steinbeis entrepreneur at the Göppingen-based Steinbeis Transfer Center for Technology and Innovation Management as well as Managing Director of WIF – Göppingen (the organization for the promotion of economic development and innovation within the administrative district) and Stefan Aubele, Managing Director of IT-Kompass GmbH in Donzdorf. Their conversation was sparked by a request from the IT entrepreneur for support in researching funding for the further development of “QualityCircle”, an innovative software solution for planning. Since then, Reiner Lohse and Martin Ritter, both entrepreneurs at the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Corporate Safeguarding, have accompanied the project on its path to success.

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Some time has passed since that initial conversation and QualityCircle has now become a much sought-after tool for industry. But what does it take for a software solution to become a success? To understand this, it helps to take a look at the full scope of features and applicable possibilities based on user requirements.

What does QualityCircle do?

QualityCircle is a business tool for capacity planning, competency development and equipment management. It provides a quick, up-to-the-minute overview of all internal resources that are critical for sustainable competitiveness. Staff training can also be organized through QualityCircle: Whether in-person, online, or in the form of e-learning, training as well as all processes from tendering, registration, planning, documentation, attendance and certification are mapped by this management solution. In addition, QualityCircle manages all resources and equipment available within the company that is subject to regular maintenance or associated with specific qualifications or required instruction.

This software-based approach saves internal resources and reveals answers to important questions: Where is your company well positioned? When is further staff training necessary?Which skills and qualifications are already covered, which need redeployment or should be considered when filling positions? What equipment is available? When is the next audit due?

A flexible tool for different needs

QualityCircle is suitable for mid-size and large companies and is available as both a web version and as a mobile app. The software can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective company through three interconnected modules: qualifications matrix, seminar management and equipment management. Additionally, the system provides valuable insights, correlations and analyses of all data within the system to provide a comprehensive overview. Tamper-proof validation is ensured through blockchain technology.

The road to success continues

Thanks in part to the support and expertise of the two Steinbeis companies involved, more and more companies are investing in IT-Kompass GmbH’s software to save even more money with QualityCircle. Reiner Lohse can report first-hand results: “The users who are employing the software are more than satisfied.” To all companies that care about forward-thinking employee training and have recurring certifications to go through, he recommends taking a look at the software. “Many advantages in simplifying complex processes, the software’s protection against forgery, easy integration and, last but not least, an attractive price framework are the reasons for its growing success,” summarizes the Steinbeis expert.

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Reiner Lohse (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Transfer Center Technology and Innovation Management at Göppingen District (Ulm) | Managing Director
Wirtschafts- und Innovationsförderungsgesellschaft für den Landkreis Göppingen mbH (Göppingen)

Martin Ritter (author)
Steinbeis Entrepreneur
Steinbeis Consulting Center: Safeguarding Companies (Esslingen)

Stefan Aubele
Managing Director
IT-Kompass GmbH (Donzdorf)